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A Song of Freedom

I've spent most of my life living in fear.

Fear had gripped me so tightly that I didn't even recognize it as fear but as a faithful friend.

It wasn't the fear that you think of when you think of a bump in the dark when no one else is home or the heart-stopping fear that envelopes you when you slide on ice and don't know if you can gain control of your car before you slam into the wall in front of you.

It is a constant fear, a subtle one, that whispers in your ear all day long. It's like when you have music playing in the background while you are working, you aren't actively listening, but its actively playing.

And later in the day, when that song is stuck in your head, you start singing it, not knowing where it came from.

For me, the song on repeat was telling me that everyone and everything was dangerous.

Showing people who you really are, how you really feel, will only make them not want to know you. You aren't worth people getting to know. You aren't …