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God Is...

I flopped down on the floor and opened my Bible and journal and stared. Why is this so difficult, I thought. Shouldn't it be easy to spend time with the One who created me? More than that, He saved me. He gave me a new life in Him and has blessed me way more than I deserved.

I don't know how it happened. How I got to this place that I thought I had moved past. When looking at the pages of my Bible seemed like a chore and everything in my body screamed at me to just put it away. 
I know that God is real. I know Him. I've heard Him speak. I've seen Him move and work in my life. I've seen things happen that could only happen through Him. But on this day, some how there was a disconnect. 
I felt caught in this cycle of spending time with Him and experiencing Him; sitting in His presence at His feet and being engulfed in all that He is and then nothing. Then dryness. Where everything falls away and it feels like He is just out of reach. 
The past few months have been so…