New Jersey: A Year Later

I can't believe it, but, it has been over a year since I made the trek across country, moving from California to New Jersey. So here are a few questions I've been asked as an update! 

What was the best thing that happened to me this year?

Well, aside from actually moving here, the Lord has really blessed me. I was made full-time at work within the first month of being here. In January, I switched jobs to my current position as assistant to our events coordinator, which I love! I got an apartment in February. In August, I started serving with the High School Ministry. I have been blessed with a few relationships with a few women here that I know without a shadow of a doubt, have made my time here so much better. So, it's hard to pick one "best" thing that happened to me. 

What was the hardest thing that happened this year? 

I faced some health issues this year. Nothing serious, but nothing that was immediately identifiable. So I had to do quite a few tests to figure it out. It was hard for me and I started having some anxiety issues. It is still a struggle, but the Lord is walking me through it. 

What is the biggest lesson that the Lord taught me this year?

Along the lines of anxiety comes this lesson: learning to really bring every thought into captivity unto the obedience of Christ; learning to fix my thoughts on Him, learning who He is according to His word and believing it is true and applicable to me. 

How is living here different than what I expected?

Obvious things would be the weather and the scenery. There are actual seasons here! In other ways, it is a little bit harder than I expected. It has been hard being here and being away from all my friends and my grandma and friendships have been a struggle, too. I know that the Lord is taking me through a season of healing and so maybe He has me going through this in order to do a work in my, but there have been quite a few times where loneliness has been an issue. 

What did I avoid that I must pay more attention to?

To be honest, it would simply be to pay more attention and spend more time with the Lord. Not that I don't spend time with him now, but just when things get hard, there is a tendency to just want to curl up and watch a movie rather sit and talk to the Lord. 

Who do I need to thank and acknowledge for having been there for me?

There are quite a few people! Christine and Tori Ducane, who have literally become my family. My roommate, Natalee. Liz, who has taken on a role of a mentor. My boss, Dave. Pastor Kevin for orchestrating it all for me to move here and many more! 

What to expect in the next year? 

I wish I knew! I will continue working at my job and serving with the High School girls. I will be making a trip back to CA for Christmas. I will be praying and seeking God about what He moved me here and what purposes He has for me. Learning more of Him and hopefully being made into His image. Letting Him heal a lot of areas in my heart and life that I had buried and forgotten about. 

And this blog! I changed the name of it. I want this to not just be a blog about my life and the things that the Lord is speaking to me specifically, but I want it to be an encouragement to others. I will post soon about my heart behind it. :)


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