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Taste and See

I was asked a very interesting question last night.
As I shared a bit about my life before I knew the Lord with a girl, she asked me if I found fulfillment in the things I did? When I was fully immersed in the world and the things of the world, did it satisfy the longings of my heart? Did it mask the pain I was trying to hide?  Did it bring me any enjoyment? Did I know it was wrong?

I'm thankful for the innocence behind her questions. She hasn't experienced that lifestyle and I pray with everything in me that she never will. But it got me thinking. How did I really feel when I was living like that?

Looking back now I see so clearly how the choices I was making were driven by a need or desire or fear; how I was making every decision with the hopes of finding love or being accepted. But did I really know how empty it all was? The short answer - no.

I walked away from the Lord when I was 18. The thing about walking is that you don't suddenly arrive to a place, you walk step b…