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Grace Through Disobedience

Today, I am overwhelmed.
You see, I was reminded first hand about the life I lived before I came to Christ. I was reminded that every action has a consequence and to be truthful, consequences can be scary. So often we make quick choices without thinking about them. We make choices based on what will give us pleasure or joy in the moment without thinking about how it can affect the long term. I am fully aware that I've made more wrong choices than right ones in my life; knowing things were wrong and choosing do to them anyway, justifying them along the way. But what happens when you stare a consequence in the face? When you have that thought, this wouldn't be happening right now if I never did that? 

I'm reminded of Naomi.
Naomi was a Jew who was married with two sons. Because of the famine that had struck their land, her husband decided to relocate to Moab. The Moabites were descendants of Moab, the son of Lot conceived from the incestuous relationship between him and his …