Past the Words

I want the words I write and speak to mean something. I want them to linger - to encourage, to challenge and to point others to Jesus. But I've realized something - it's not so much about the words. Yes, words are needed to convey the message of the Gospel and words affect people, but words also mask what is really going on in our hearts and minds. So, what happens when you get past the words? What happens when we live out the love of God?

When I first gave my life to the Lord in High School, there were a handful of young women that I met. When we were around each other, we had conversations but I never felt the push to get behind the words and the pleasantries. Yet, I so desperately wanted someone to.

I didn't understand the Gospel. I didn't know what it meant to really live for the Lord, to walk with Him daily, how to even read my Bible or pray. I didn't understand that the Lord loved me so deeply and greatly. But I was there, for every service, taking notes in my journal, highlighting my Bible and saying I was blessed. And no one pushed back. No one asked me to go to coffee or invited me to a home Bible study. No showed me the love of Christ and help point me in the right direction.

I'm not writing this to find fault in someone or cast blame on anyone for the choices I made. But I wonder, what if one person took the time to stop me and really ask me how I was doing? Asked me the hard questions? Challenged me on the choices I started making when I started drifting from the Lord? I honestly couldn't say.

But what if I did that now? What if I took the time to push back, past the words, and, driven by love, asked the tough questions?

The Lord has given me the story He has for His purposes. If Looking back on all of this, I am challenged to be the person I so desperately wanted when growing up. To be someone who points to Jesus. To be someone who gets past the pleasantries, even if it makes me uncomfortable, for the sake of someone coming to the realization that God loves them, fiercely and passionately, and that He has all the answers to all the questions they are asking.


  1. I find myself on the other end of this struggle. When I see people drifting from the Lord, I so desperately want to reach out to them, but I lack boldness, probably because I am scared of rejection. I find myself worrying that if I do reach out, they'd push me away and then I would have lost my witness (even if that witness is from afar).


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