I Don't Want to Have an Affair

Something I've been thinking about today from my devotions...

Circumcision is an outward sign of an inward commitment. But, when the significance of it is not truly understood, "circumcision is as meaningless as a wedding ring on the finger of an adulterer." Think about that.

If you know someone is married yet you know they are having an affair, do you think the ring on their finger means anything anymore? We would wonder why are they even wearing it if their actions don't honor the commitment they made when they first put it on.

Although we aren't physically circumcised anymore, when we give our life to the Lord, we are making a commitment to Him and when we settle for the lesser things of this world, aren't we essentially doing the same? Aren't we blatantly dishonoring the God we committed our lives to?

But then there's the inward. We may not be obviously "having an affair", but are we thinking about it? Are we toying with the idea of the lesser things? Do the lesser things have more of an appeal than the things of the Lord?

I don't want anything in my life to become more important than the God I've committed my life to; I don't want to have an affair. I never want the "ring" I wear to loose its meaning and dishonor the relationship I have with my God. I am committed to Him. Firstly. Lastly. Always.

I pray that you, dear reader, want the same in your life.


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