Exceeding, Abudantly Above All

After over 3,000 miles, five days of driving and almost 10 months of praying, I have arrived to my new home: New Jersey!

At the start of this year, I would have never have imagined that I would be living here and working at the church yet being here, I am so happy that God's plans are not mine and that as we seek Him, He leads us into His perfect plan, which sometimes happens to be the fulfillment of the desires we didn't even know we had.

My friend Melissa and I finished our trek across country last Saturday afternoon. We arrived and were greeted by Caroline and her youngest daughter, Katrina, shortly thereafter her husband, Alex and our friend Patti, who I had met on my trips out here. I can't speak for Melissa but I can say that I immediately felt welcomed. They were making dinner so while we waited, Alex helped us unpack my car and then we finally sat down for dinner.

I'm so blessed to be here with this family. Each of them is incredibly sweet and welcoming. (Plus, they all love Jesus, so there was an instant bond!) The following morning we went to church and got a little tour around the area. That evening was Harvest America and so we went where I met a few of the people that I would be working with, as well as Caroline's middle daughter, Monica and her husband. I finally got to meet Pastor Kevin, the pastor that I had spoken with numerous times about moving out here. He greeted me with a big bear hug. Quickly, I felt right at home.

Monday was the day we said goodbye to Melissa. She boarded the train for New York and had a grand adventure in the city. Caroline and I spent the day together. We got our nails done, got our cars washed and had dinner. There hasn't been a moment with Caroline that I have felt out of place or unwelcomed.

I started work on Tuesday and was introduced to many people. It was quite a busy day for the office so I did my hire paper work, got a tour of the grounds and then got to observe everything going on. Tuesday, I met Dana. A young woman I will be working with. She is hilarious! We laughed the majority of the time we were together. After work we went to Starbucks and got to know each other a little more. That night, Caroline had invited over her daughter Monica, Monica's friend Erica and Dana for dinner and a girls night. That was a lot of fun! Lots of laugh and good food, how could you go wrong?

Wednesday, I met Rachael, Pastor Kevin's assistant and found out I would be working mostly with her and Kevin. She got me all situated and started training me. We set a schedule (which we haven't kept so far, but I'm not complaining, its more hours!) and reviewed many things. Thursday was the first day where a lot of work got done. I was assigned my desk and a phone and dove right in!

I can't say enough how kind and welcoming every single individual I have met has been towards me. It is definitely making this transition a whole lot easier. It is beautiful here, and its the beginning of the fall. I am so excited to see what God has in store! I am really living the truth of this verses:

"Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think..." (Eph 3:20)

This transition has literally been exceedingly, abundantly above all I asked for or thought it could be.

I'm going to continue to post entries to keep you all up to date on my transition here and on the things that God is doing! Please continue to keep the transition in prayer; eventually, I will either need to be hired full-time at the church or get a second job, also that the Lord would go before me as I take on new responsibilities. Please also pray that the Lord would show me what ministries He may want me involved in. Finally, please pray for my heart: with the news of Pastor Chuck's passing my heart longs to be able to be at my home to comfort those I love and to support them however they need. I know God has me here, but not being able to be there for them when its needed is hard.

Thank you all for covering me up with prayers, I'm know they contributed greatly to arriving here safely and all the many blessings being poured out upon me.


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