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Experiencing Grace

A week ago, as I sat in chair getting a hair cut, I got an opportunity to talk about Jesus with my hair stylist. A common question I have faced since moving to New Jersey from California is, why New Jersey? It seems like a lot of people want out, and here I am wanting in. It doesn't quite make sense to them. As I talked with him, this question came up, and my answer was simply "Because the Lord told me to".

This man has known the family I am staying with for 20 years so he was used to hearing about the Lord from them, but he himself has not come to know the Lord. "Well, how does your family feel about that?" He asked. As I answered his question, more questions came pouring out and pretty soon I had told this man, who I had just met, most of my life story. Then he asked a question that has been lingering in my mind since:

"Why did you deserve the crappy life you had while I got the great one I did?"

The conversation with him continued on, for him it …

Exceeding, Abudantly Above All

After over 3,000 miles, five days of driving and almost 10 months of praying, I have arrived to my new home: New Jersey!
At the start of this year, I would have never have imagined that I would be living here and working at the church yet being here, I am so happy that God's plans are not mine and that as we seek Him, He leads us into His perfect plan, which sometimes happens to be the fulfillment of the desires we didn't even know we had.

My friend Melissa and I finished our trek across country last Saturday afternoon. We arrived and were greeted by Caroline and her youngest daughter, Katrina, shortly thereafter her husband, Alex and our friend Patti, who I had met on my trips out here. I can't speak for Melissa but I can say that I immediately felt welcomed. They were making dinner so while we waited, Alex helped us unpack my car and then we finally sat down for dinner.

I'm so blessed to be here with this family. Each of them is incredibly sweet and welcoming. (P…