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Modesty: Whose Responsibility is it Anyway?

There has been a lot of talk recently in the Christian internet forum about modesty. The main issue, I have seen, is that there seems to be an emphasis on who is responsible. There seems to be total polar opposites: it is the girls responsibility to completely cover up, not let a single inch of skin be seen because guys automatically associate skin with sex; or it is the guys responsibility to not look at girls and immediately associate them with sex and that they should learn to respect women, regardless of what they wear.However, I suggest that there is a middle ground. Not one gender is free from responsibility; guys AND girls should be fighting this battle together, not pointing fingers at the other in attempts to minimize their own responsibility.

First, I want to point out that as a Bible-believing Christian, I look to that for all answers to questions that I have. So, as I turn to scripture I see that modesty is addressed. The Bible tells us in 1 Timothy 2:9 that, women are to…

Unquestioning Obedience

Have you ever given much thought to Joseph? I hadn't much until I started the book of Matthew again a few days ago. As I reread the first few chapters, I began to wonder about him. Who was this man who walked with Mary through life, through the conception, birth and life of Jesus? What kind of man was he?

I couldn't imagine being in his shoes: finding out the woman you are betrothed to, the woman you love, is pregnant; presumably by another man. Was he heart-broken? Was he angry? The text doesn't say. How did he even find out? Were there whispers in the town of Mary's condition? Did she pull him aside and tell him? Did she explain that it was through the Holy Spirit that she had conceived? Or did she stay silent on the matter? Again, the text is silent. These are things we might not ever know.

We do know, however, that Joseph was kind to his betrothed because he was, "not wanting to make her a public example, was minded to put her away secretly." (Matthew 1:1…