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The Burden

I was at a coffee shop yesterday when I heard about the bombings in Boston. My heart was immediately grieved. I stared out the window thinking and praying that God would some how be glorified in this mess. Almost immediately, the Lord brought this verse to my mind. I've read this verse before, but this time, something stood out to me that I hadn't noticed before.

"If My people who are called by My name..." will do the following things:
1. Humble themselves
2. Seek My face
3. Turn from their wicked ways
"Then I will..." do the following things
1. Hear from heaven
2. Forgive their sin
3. Heal their land.

Thats not too difficult to see what the verse is saying but I saw was this: God is talking to His people and He is calling them not just to pray for their nation or just to seek Him, but to turn from sin - to turn from wickedness. God's charge to His people is to forsake sin and wickedness.

As I sat thinking about this, I had a continuous thought: God…
"What would we think of a betrothed one whose conceit and self-will prevented not only the consummation of her own joy, but of the one who had given her his heart? Never at rest in his absence, she cannot trust him fully, and she does not give up her own name, her own rights and possessions, and her own will to him who has become necessary for her happiness. She would gladly claim him fully without giving herself fully to him, but it can never be. While she retains her own name, she can never claim his. She cannot promise to love and honor if she will not also promise to obey, and until her love reaches that point of surrender, she must remain an unsatisfied lover." - Hudson Taylor